Unlock your true potential



      John R. 
Dog Behaviorist & Trainer, San Diego USA)

To have an awareness to recognize who you truly are is a gift that Eve can help you receive. She shows you how this gift can be expanded into a mindful and thoughtful existence that can bring so much happiness. She takes you on a journey of personal growth that only her insight, knowledge, and experience can deliver in a unique but very practical common sense way. The reality of life in our world today has helped create an ego within us that continues to bring stress and anxiety in abundance. Eve helps bring to light this self induced suffering as a choice our ego makes for us as we compromise our true character. She unveils our internal conflicts and helps us understand that character matters. I am always so grateful to have this one simple thought after chatting with Eve: always search to discover who you are.

When you find yourself, be compassionate in understanding how you feel. This truth will bring an internal happiness that you can share with yourself and everyone around you.  

If you really want to be healthy and find your authentic self, this book is a precious gift in finding the path to consciousness and ultimate happiness!

   This read will produce thoughts and discussions about consciousness that go to a new level while maintaining simple truths and practical awareness for the curious soul.   

      Angela W.      
 (Actress, London UK)

I have just finished reading The Soul Hacker and I have to say, it has changed my life. It has changed the way I think and the way I feel. For the first time in a very long time I can now say, I feel joy, peace and happiness from within. I know who I am and what I am about. No other book has ever left me feeling this way. I have read plenty of books in my lifetime but none has affected me so positively like this one has. I am ready to read the book through again.

  The book is so easy to read and understand, it gets straight into the meat of things – no messing around. I did not realize I had so much fear in my life until reading The Soul Hacker. Since reading this book, my fears, on so many levels are no longer there. Before reading this book, they were fears I did not recognize I had. I have such a greater understa
nding of who I am and what I want to do for me and for others. This book will change lives. I am very grateful to Eve Picard for writing The Soul Hacker. Thank You. This is, for sure, a must read. I am excited for the things that I now know I am capable of doing. 

 Lisa C. 
(Account Manager – Manchester, UK)

I have known Eve for 42 years. We have wandered in and out of each other’s lives over the years but we have always remained friends. She is a wonderful person and someone I choose to have in my life. I say that because there have been friends of mine who have drifted away and I have allowed them to drift – it felt right. With Eve however, I want her friendship. 

  I have had some major challenges in my life – twin girls, a failed marriage due to infidelity and debt and a subsequent failed relationship. I have not been put off relationships however. I am determined that I have just made some bad choices when it came to partners. Recently Eve wrote to me about my current relationship – I was having some inner struggles and couldn’t quite work it out in my head. Her words were so powerful. I read it in bed and it went directly into my subconscious; consequently I woke up in tears in the middle of the night! That might sound terrible but actually it brought everything into the foreground for me. I exhaled my doubts so to speak and have since been able to articulate my fears and concerns. My relationship has since turned a corner. Our communication is more open, more considered and our love has blossomed and is growing deeper every day.

  Eve opened my eyes to what I was feeling and also what I was missing. I will be forever grateful to my dear friend – beautiful in every way. She is a very, very wise woman ☺

 Gail M. 
(Nurse – Vancouver Island, Canada)

This book is amazing, so much more than a self help book. It is a life experience, soul searching, love finding, forgiveness, self strength identifier aid. It is written with such clarity, and enables the reader to recognize their own issues, and with gentle, but clear recommendation shows us how to improve our lives. I highly recommend this book for everyone, even if you feel you have your life together, you can get something positive out of this book.

 Carol G. 
(Teacher – Vancouver Island, Canada)

  The words of The Soul Hacker (Eve Picard) speak to me profoundly and make so much sense. They allow me greater understanding and acceptance of my life experiences and my self. It becomes clear that we can each see the beautiful soul inside another and it is the separating out of the person from their behaviour that is key in our relationships. And beyond this the journey to reconnect with our authentic selves becomes the main focus. As Eve Picard says herself, to pick up the book you will need to be curious about self discovery. I would add that in following the teachings all the way through, I was required/invited to be open to reconstructing ways of thinking and to be ready to examine my ideas and beliefs. But this is a good thing! It’s like a personal revolution! The challenge of rethinking is followed by the relief and joy of understanding. This is a book I will read again (right away!) and keep with me on my journey through life.

 Penny P. 
(Retired – Park City, USA)

  “You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with wings. Learn to use them and fly”.  This quote by Rumi and included in the foreword of Eve Picard’s new book, The Soul Hacker: Soul Hacks for Success, sets the stage and gateway to understanding how using Soul Hacks can enable us to live a life that reflects our true potential.  Picard uses clear language, well defined concepts, and personal experiences to lead the reader through a well organized progression of Soul Hacks – amazing tools aimed to aid in living a joyful and fulfilling life. With Soul Hacks such as Know Thy Self, Faith is Intuition, Take Responsibility and Relationships are Contracts, the Soul Hacks the author offers, introduces a clear knowledge we can live fearlessly by and “own who we are”.  There is much to gain in reading this book!