Unlock your true potential

Why Soul Hack?



In my book, The Soul Hacker, I explain the terrain of consciousness and unconsciousness.  These are the two states that people operate from.  Then I give you the tools i.e. Soul Hacks to help you navigate this internal terrain.  Raising our consciousness is an internal journey.  And you do not need a guide when you understand the lay of the land and have the tools to navigate yourself on that journey.  You are your own best guide.

   Any life coach will tell you that you are the only expert in you and your life. I truly believe this and this is why I literally and figuratively have no business coaching you when it comes to who you are and your life! If we accept the premise that you are the only expert in you and your life, how can you not also be your own best guide and coach?  This is why in The Soul Hacker I give you the knowledge and tools to self-coach, through Soul Hacking.  This is what consciousness and empowerment look like because I know that you’ve got this within you.  And I know that each of us is the only person who can discover the genius of consciousness that resides inside of each of us. So will you know this too very soon!

   Instead of having people rely on me to to access their authentic nature (i.e. consciousness) through coaching, in my book, The Soul Hacker, I help people:

–   understand exactly what consciousness and authenticity are;
–  recognize why living consciously and being authentic make our lives joyful and successful in the ways that count;
–   know that you already have the genius of your own consciousness right inside of you;
  –   see how and understand why we get blocked from our authenticity and consciousness; and
–   I give you the tools to access the authenticity and consciousness that is already inside of you.

  If you need me as your guide/coach after you have read The Soul Hacker, either I haven’t explained it well enough or you haven’t understood what I have written!  Because we all have this genius inside of us but sometimes we have to dig deep.  Soul Hacks are tools specifically designed to assist you in doing this digging.  Further, you can go at your own pace and it isn’t going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  When you Soul Hack – you self-coach from your inner genius.   Why would you pay someone for something that you are perfectly capable of doing, more effectively, for yourself?  From my own experience I can tell you that I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt, or should I say coaching certification.                

   Yes, I ‘consciousnessed’ and Soul Hacked myself out of a career in life coaching and right in to my life purpose and true calling which is not ‘life coaching’ at all as we understand it to be.  Instead my calling is to share with people the information and tools (i.e. Soul Hacks) that allows them to access their own consciousness, for themselves and by themselves.  Undertaking this journey on your own is incredibly empowering as you are reliant on no one but yourself.               

Simply put, what I offer you in The Soul Hacker is freedom because this is what I found myself through Soul Hacking my own soul to obtain full access to my consciousness.  When I did not have full access to the inner genius of my consciousness, I thought that life coaching was the best way to help bring people to consciousness.  However, as Maya Angelou wrote: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”  Introducing Soul Hacks to the world, is my now knowing and doing ‘better’.

Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”