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The Soul Hacker (aka Eve Picard) is a Certified Professional Coach,  an ex-Corporate Finance Lawyer and Law Lecturer.  

  After working in the legal field for 15 years, I knew that it was not my life purpose and was not feeding my soul.  The problem was that I did not really know who I was, so it was impossible to know my life purpose.  I developed a series of Soul Hacks to help me dig deep into my soul in order to figure out who I authentically am and from that, what I am here on this Earth to do.  I now share these Soul Hacks in my book, The Soul Hacker, with those who want to embark on this inner journey and to deliver themselves to a life of fulfillment, joy, passion and success through finding and then following their authentic path.

When I talk of authentic paths, a large part of that for me was finding the right career, that fulfilled me and didn’t feel like a job.  At the same time, it was so much more than that and it will be for many of you too.  I also had to figure out who I was, so that I could find relationships and friendships that were life enhancing and positive.  In addition to which, you have to know who you are on an intrinsic level before you can decide where you want to live and what kind of lifestyle is right for you.  

  There are so many aspects to our authentic paths and most never take the time to examine what they really want in life in even a single aspect of our lives.  We are a society driven by ‘shoulds’ in terms of  our thinking how we ‘should’ live.  And we suffer as a result; often never attaining our true potential because of the limitations of ‘shoulds’.  

  My Soul Hacks will allow you to press the delete button on the shoulds and give you access to your higher self, your inner genius, so that you may freely and consciously choose and design a life that is perfect for you.  

You may have already realized what most people do:  that you don’t know what you are on this planet to do – what your life purpose is. And that is entirely okay. You are not alone in feeling adrift in the sea of life. That realization is a good place to be as at least now you are seeking your life purpose.  

  My Soul Hacks are tools to help you find your way back to the authentic you and at the same time find your life purpose. 

I write from experience and what I found was that when I ‘hacked my soul’ to figure out who I am at my core; who my authentic self is: the realization of what I am on this earth to do became very clear.  When you know the ‘who’ you know the ‘what’ and you will be in a position to develop your ‘how’.  This is why although I am a Certified Professional Coach, I do not offer coaching.  I believe that armed with the knowledge provided in The Soul Hacker you will be perfectly capable of coaching yourself to freedom and the life of your dreams, far better than I could ever coach you.  

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“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”
  Robert Byrne